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To become a good judge you must understand the rules, develop the skill to apply them to grading aerobatic figures, and be confident in your own judgement.

You need not be an 'expert' or even a pilot. In fact, being unaware of the difficulty the pilot may be experiencing can be an advantage, since the rules require that it is the pilot’s skill and not the aircraft's ability which is being assessed.

Grading or judging a powered or glider aerobatic sequence is not a simple task, since the figures can be complex and applying the quite precise grading criteria requires not only a good deal of human "judgement" but the speed and skill to keep up with the action.

To programme a computer to evaluate an aerobatic sequence in real time would be a huge task. People, on the other hand, can be trained to be very proficient aerobatic judges.

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Test your skills!

Assess your knowledge and see if you have what it takes to be an International Aerobatics Judge.

We have put together a quick quiz containing a sample of questions of the standard that we normally ask our International Judges to test your skills.

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